Foivos (pronounced ['fivos]) Zakkak is a Research Associate at the Advanced Processor Technologies (APT) group of the University of Manchester working on process virtual machines, and more specifically on the Maxine VM. Prior to joining the University of Manchester, he worked at the Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems Laboratory (CARV) of FORTH-ICS. In the context of the GreenVM project, he developed, DiSquawk, a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that targets non-cache-coherent architectures. His previous work, SCOOP, was a source-to-source compiler that used information from task annotations (memory footprints) to generate optimized code for task-based runtime systems. He has also been involved in the development and performance analysis process of the TPC (Tagged Procedure Calls), BDDT (Block-level Dynamic Dependence Analysis for Deterministic Task-Based Parallelism) and PARTEE (PARallel Task Execution Engine) task-based runtime systems.