LaTeX Peculiarities

Separating sentences In $\LaTeX$, in order to separate two sentences one needs to insert two spaces between the period and the first letter of the second sentence, e.g., First sentence. Second sentence., or separate the two sentences with a new line, e.g., First sentence. Second sentence. Using a single latex line for each sentence, allows for better diffs when using version control systems since one can easily observe which sentences have been changed and how.

Voluntary Logging of My Life

In an effort to stop using google calendar I exported all the events I created since the first day I started using it (this was 4 years ago). So the last 4 years I have created 2256 events. That is about 1.54520547945 events per day… Essentially meaning that google is (partly) aware of about one "important" thing per day in my life this last 4 years (not including e-mail parsers).

My Favorite VIM plugins

Plugin Description Link Vundle The plugin manager Gundo Undo tree visualizer NERDTree Folder tree visualizer NERDCommenter Make commenting easy and fast Automatic TeX Writing LaTeX the easy way Syntastic Syntax checking on save SuperTab Auto completion with `<Tab>` https://github.