How to mute your bitmore UPS beeper from Linux

  1. First grab Winpower from:
  2. Untar it:

      tar xf Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64.tar.gz
  3. Follow the instructions in Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64/install_linuxAMD64.txt. Use the license key provided by bitmore in the UPS's manual.

  4. (Optional) Disable the system service that Winpower installs to prevent it from running in the background if you don't plan to have the UPS constantly connected through USB or if you are just not interested in monitoring it through your PC.

      systemctl disable upsagent
  5. Start the Agent

      cd /opt/MonitorSoftware
      sudo ./agent start
  6. Start the Manager


    The default password is Administrator

  7. Make sure that the UPS is connected to the computer through a USB cable and press "Search" in the Wizard window and Skip the rest.
  8. Once the UPS is found make sure you have administrator rights by navigating to System->Act as Administrator (if the selection is grayed out the you are already acting as an administrator).
  9. Select the UPS from the left pane and navigate to Device->Device Control Parameters check the box next to "Change Battery Mode Audible Warning(Alarm/Silent)" and click OK.
  10. Verify that the alarm is now turned off by unplugging the UPS from power. If the alarm is still on, repeat step 8 and try again.
  11. (Optional) Uninstall WinPower by following the instructions in Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64/install_linuxAMD64.txt.