Mounting remote folders with sshfs

This tutorial will show you how to mount a remote folder, that you can access through sftp, on your local filesystem.

First you will need to set up your ssh connection to work passwordless. Read this if you don’t know how.

Install sshfs to your system and add your user to the fuse group.

sudo apt-get install sshfs
sudo adduser $USER fuse

Open /etc/fstab and append the following line (yes it is oneline)

sshfs#[email protected]:/remote/path/folder /local/path/to_mount fuse comment=sshfs,noauto,users,exec,reconnect,transform_symlinks,BatchMode=yes 0 0

To mount execute:

mount /local/path/to_mount

To unmount execute:

fusermount -u /local/path/to_mount to unmount.