Flashing BIOS (Acer Aspire 2920z)

A few weeks ago my precious Acer Aspire 2920z started misbehaving.

The symptoms:

  1. Power and battery leds flashing as soon as I plug it in.
  2. Automatic power on as soon as I plug it in.
  3. Screen backlight doesn't go on and i can see it gets through the BIOS splash screen and then nothing.
  4. On battery exactly the same results, except that this time it waits for you to push the power button to start.


  1. Unplug it and remove the battery. Then keep the power button pressed for about 1 minute to statically discharge the laptop. Didn't work.
  2. Your mobo is bricked. Didn't look like this.
  3. There is a short circuit in the display cables. Tried without the display and an external monitor. Still the same.
  4. Your power supply is bricked get a new one. Didn't look like this.
  5. There is something wrong with the power conductors. I was almost convinced that this was the problem but it was not…
  6. A friend told me he had a similar problem and he got it fixed flashing the BIOS. Didn't believe it at the begining but that was it.

The solution:

Flash your BIOS.

  1. Download the latest BIOS from http://support.acer-euro.com/drivers/downloads.html and not the new site (it includes an outdated version and no DOS utility…)
  2. Download unetbootin.
  3. Create a FreeDOS usb with unetbootin
  4. Copy and paste everything from the zip you downloaded from Acer to the bootable usb stick you just created
  5. Boot your laptop from the usb stick and choose option 5 when the FreeDOS menu appears
  6. Type the letter of the usb stick to enter it. In my case it was

  7. execute


    to see if you are at the right place (you should see the files you pasted)

  8. execute

      phlash16 /x /s /mode=3 CLD-114.WPH

    to flash the BIOS (you might want to execute the batch file instead but in my case it did not work)

  9. That's it. My precious is working fine again.