RISC-V code generation in MaxineVM: An educational use case


MaxineVM is a state-of-the-art research-oriented Java Virtual Machine (JVM), that its JIT compiler got support for RISC-V recently. Despite not being able to run Java applications on RISC-V platforms yet, Maxine’s current state is still of great value to the RISC-V community. In this poster we are going to present the current state of the RISC-V port of Maxine’s JIT compilers and how we can utilize MaxineVM to compile Java code to RISC-V machine code. The use of MaxineVM’s compilers can help us better understand JIT compilation for RISC-V and get inspiration for potential optimizations. Furthermore it is of great value for educational purposes, since we can demonstrate how java code gets compiled to RISC-V assembly code line by line.

RISC-V Workshop 2019 Zurich