How to install headless Ubuntu using kvm and CLI

Summary While trying to create a new VM using KVM I kind of found it more difficult than expected, so here is a short tutorial on how I finally made it :) This tutorial shows how to create a VM using KVM from the command line. The VM will be running a minimal Ubuntu 18.04 installation without a desktop environment. The whole process can be performed through ssh, so there is no need for openning any windows.

How to change the UID of a user with an encrypted home directory in Ubuntu

This tutorial is about changing the UID of a user with an encrypted, by ecryptfs, home directory in Ubuntu. You first need to logout the user you want to modify and kill all processes he runs. An easy approach is to restart and log in as root or as another sudo user. To enable the root user (by default it is disabled) execute the following commands: sudo passwd root Now you can log in using root and the password you provided.