How to mute your bitmore UPS beeper from Linux

First grab Winpower from: Untar it: tar xf Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64.tar.gz Follow the instructions in Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64/install_linuxAMD64.txt. Use the license key provided by bitmore in the UPS's manual. (Optional) Disable the system service that Winpower installs to prevent it from running in the background if you don't plan to have the UPS constantly connected through USB or if you are just not interested in monitoring it through your PC.

How to build the linux kernel

Getting the source First you need to fetch the source. Visit and get the version of your preference. Alternative, if you plan to hack it you might prefer to get the latest (merged by Linus Torvalds) code by cloning his git repository: git clone git:// Configuring After you decompress the fetched archive or the git clone is done, you will need to create a .config file for your build.