How to mute your bitmore UPS beeper from Linux

First grab Winpower from: http://www.ups-software-download.com/content/ups-download-software/download.html Untar it: tar xf Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64.tar.gz Follow the instructions in Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64/install_linuxAMD64.txt. Use the license key provided by bitmore in the UPS's manual. (Optional) Disable the system service that Winpower installs to prevent it from running in the background if you don't plan to have the UPS constantly connected through USB or if you are just not interested in monitoring it through your PC.

How to install headless Ubuntu using kvm and CLI

Summary While trying to create a new VM using KVM I kind of found it more difficult than expected, so here is a short tutorial on how I finally made it :) This tutorial shows how to create a VM using KVM from the command line. The VM will be running a minimal Ubuntu 18.04 installation without a desktop environment. The whole process can be performed through ssh, so there is no need for openning any windows.