Changing the default browser in Thunderbird

If you are unable to launch Firefox from URL links in a Thunderbird mail message, or if you want to change the browser that is launched, add the following lines to the user.js file, located in your Thunderbird profile folder (you may need to create the user.js file …

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How to create local git repositories

  1. Create the repo directory (the '.' prefix is to make it hidden)

    mkdir .myrepo.git
  2. Go inside the directory

    cd .myrepo.git
  3. Initialize the git repo

    git init --bare

Our repo is now ready

to clone:

git clone /path/to/.myrepo.git where_to_clone

NOTE: the first push must be

git push …
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Changing user id in linux

As a different user execute

usermod -u  username
find / -user ; -exec chown -h ; {} \;


usermod -u 2179 user1
find / -user 1000 -exec chown -h 2179 {} \;
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Mounting remote folders with sshfs

This tutorial will show you how to mount a remote folder, that you can access through sftp, on your local filesystem.

First you will need to set up your ssh connection to work passwordless. Read this if you don't know how.

Install sshfs to your system and add your user …

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Synchronizing iphone on linux

Required packages:

libgpod4, gtkpod, ifuse, usbmuxd


After having installed the above packages

sudo mkdir /media/iPhone (you can choose whatever location you desire)
sudo chown `whoami` /media/iPhone
ifuse /media/iPhone (this will mount your iphone on /media/iPhone)
mkdir -p /media/iPhone/iTunes_Control/Device
sudo lsusb -v | grep …
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Connect to UCNET over vpn on ubuntu

Go to System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager

Search for pptp and install pptp-linux and network-manager-pptp

click the network manager and go to VPN Connections->Configure VPN...

Connection name: whatever you like


User name: [email protected]

Password: yourPass

now click advanced... and check Use …

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Using kompare for svn diff

(Update: 15-10-2012) First read this

You don't like/understand the svn diff output?

You would prefer a better tool with merge options and appropriate coloring?

Kompare is a great tool used by kdevelop to compare files. You can find it in the repositories of all famous linux distros or here …

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Connecting through and

Απλό SSH:

  1. ssh gate1.csd.uoc.g​r

  2. Αφού εισάγετε των κωδικό σας και εμφανιστεί το %

    ssh milo
  3. θα σας τυπώσει το παρακάτω μήνυμα

    The authe​nticity of host ' (' can't be established. RSA key fingerprint is 5a:37:48:87:3a:d3 …

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