My Favorite VIM plugins

Plugin Description Link
Vundle The plugin manager
Gundo Undo tree visualizer
NERDTree Folder tree visualizer
NERDCommenter Make commenting easy and fast
Automatic TeX Writing LaTeX the easy way
Syntastic Syntax checking on save
SuperTab Auto completion with `<Tab>`
AutoComplPop Automatically show the completion menu
CtrlP Fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, etc finder
Vimux Vim -\> tmux
ZoomWin Zoom to current window with `<C-w> o`
Tabular Align text/code to a symbol
(i.e. assignments to "=")
VCScommand VCS integration in VIM
VIM-Autoclose Autocloses ( and { and puts the cursor inside
MatchIt Make % match more stuff
(i.e begin end)
AutoTag Updates entries in a tags file automatically on save
TagBar tags visualizer http://majutsushi/tagbar
BuffKill Mainly to unload, delete or wipe a buffer
without closing the window (or windows)
it was displayed in
SearchComplete Adds completion to search
Numbers Relative numbering on normal mode
Absolute numbering on insert mode
foivos.vim My theme (based on ron)